A Facebook Game – A Dino Balls Review

Dino Balls is one of the few collection games in Social Games and it has made to the public in Facebook. Like most of the game provided by Social Games, Dino Balls is a simple yet addictive to play. This week we will review the game and see what makes this game so addictive.


Dino Ball is a type of shoot and destroys gem puzzle game. The game is made in a very simple yet fun concept. Eliminate all the gems before it reaches to the Dino Egg.

The game does comes with a simple instruction when you launch it. When I mean simple, I do mean simple. There is not even a page for it, just a pop up box telling you what to do! How simple is that?

Dino Balls is represented in two areas, the map and the game itself. During the start player will be shown a map and how much progress has the player made since the start of the game. There will be 9 main levels all together and to reach it, it is rather challenging. Even for a normal player like me to reach the first stage takes a few times.

Once you hit play, the game takes you to the puzzle zone where your Dino will hold a color gem and try to match the combination of the other gems with the same color. Hit the 유로88 wrong gems and the line get longer. Hit it correctly and you eliminate a line of gems.

Power ups are also available in this game. Things like explosion, targeting assistance and slow down is provided as players go by. This is really a great help since the game move quite fast and some player might have a hard time trying to catch up with it.


The graphic is very plain and simple graphic as it is not very colorful nor attractive. This is the part which I guess this game falls short of. It would be more attractive if the game more colorful. However, at least I find the Dino design is rather cute.


Normal sound you get from flash game, however the music does change from level to level, which is a great improvement. Popping sound of gems as it explodes is also great to hear.